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2 Ways To Get A Good Credit Score Fast

Need to rebuild your credit? There are several ways to go about improving it. Some are obvious, some not as obvious. Here are two in particular that most people aren’t aware of: Go to a bank or credit union and get a prepaid credit card. This is where you give them $300 of your own […]...
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Major Hidden Factor That’s Killing Your Credit Score

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to be ‘responsible’ with their credit is using too much of it. Most people believe that if they use their credit cards to the max and pay it off at the end of the month, this helps build credit. This is not true. This actually looks […]...
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6 Tips For Pulling Your Credit Score Out Of The Dumps

A shaky credit score means the difference between getting approved for a loan and being denied. And when you’re ready to go for that first home, or new car the last thing you want is to be denied. If you know your credit is bad, there’s no time like now to make steps towards improving […]...
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