Financial Wellness Starts with a Budget

Everyone knows to achieve your financial goals you must establish a budget that provides you with a guide how to spend and save your money. Regardless of your income, you need a budget even more so with a significantly large or small income. As most of us seeking financial wellness we are making much less than we would like, in turn, it is vital we budget what we have efficiently. In this article, I will provide you with some steps to get the ball rolling on your budgeting.

  • The first step is to figure out your financial goals in a general sense, think about the big picture or your core values. Once you’ve figured out your goal, take a financial inventory. This will start where you are with your income, your debt, and any current expenses. Then take your monthly salary and prioritize bills and essential living costs. Anything leftover is to be saved but do allow yourself a very small portion for fun and leisure.
  • Now to automate what you can from this budget you have created. Use money management apps such as Mint to ensure you are following your budget and spending within your means. Keep a close eye on your mobile banking app as it will be the hub of your finances. Set your bills up on Autopay when allowed but do keep track of when these bills are actually due to be sure you don’t get over-drafted.

Reaching your financial goals doesn’t have to be such a pain if you equip yourself with the knowledge to properly navigate your expenses. It won’t be a straight and narrow path as you are guaranteed to stray from your budget at least once but this shouldn’t deter you. Creating habits come with breaking the old and bad ones so, create a new habit that will cultivate financial goals! Stick to your budget and you should see financial success in no time.