1 – 5 money personalities

We have love languages, workplace strengths, and overall personality tests, but did you realize that there are money personalities as well? There are five key personalities that may not surprise you. The five money personalities are savers, spenders, shoppers, debtors, and investors.

Savers are those who will save as much money as possible. They are conservative with their spending and are usually very frugal. However, they are mindful of any extra expense something has and try to save on every expense.

Similar to savers, but with a different mindset, are the investors. Investors save their money in a more strategic way. Their money is invested in a way that will work for them.

Opposite of savers and investors are the spenders and shoppers. Both of these personalities may seem the same, but they are slightly different. Spenders are the exact opposite of savers. They have no reservations about spending their money and acting on their wants over their needs. If they see a trending item on social media, they will most likely purchase it.

Shoppers are similar to savers, but they are aware that they are spending their money and can find themselves close to debt. They shop for the emotional pleasure that comes from shopping.

Lastly, there are the debtors. These are individuals who find themselves in debt more often than not. They are usually either spenders or shoppers that have turned into debtors.