Being a Mindful Spender

We all have to spend money. It’s impossible not to, but there are ways to be a more mindful shopper by being aware of marketing tactics and setting rules on your spending.

The US spends a lot of money on marketing because it works. Retailers hire marketers who know how to get you to spend when you aren’t planning to spend. Being aware of marketing can help you be more mindful. First, remove yourself from emails or texts from retailers. You can sign up for emails or texts to get a sale, but take yourself off that distribution list after you get the sale. These emails and texts will prompt you to spend when you are not planning to.

Learn how to plan your shopping. Don’t go to the mall or on an online retailer’s website just to pass the time. This can prompt you to buy something that isn’t on your list. For example, if you know you need new jeans, plan to just go to that store and buy that one thing.

Set rules on your spending. If you have an unplanned (or even planned) spend, wait a few days or even a week before you buy this. You may realize that after a week, you forget about the item you wanted, or you realize you don’t really need it. This can help you from impulse sending.

Try utilizing one or all three of these tips to help you become a more mindful shopper, especially as the holiday season approaches.