What To Do If the Delta Variant Has Impacted Your Income

In the aftermath of a global pandemic we have finally gotten back to a bit of normalcy but now we are seeing this new, very aggressive variant of the virus, begin to close many offices again. Many businesses have closed temporarily, altered their hours, or cut their staff in half. Within the past two years, significant amounts of employees have felt the effects of our predicament. We are still unsure of exactly how damaging or altering the pandemic will be in the workforce or just how many people are being affected. We do know however that out of the 20,000 Americans polled in August, 11.4% experienced financial loss and as of September, it has risen to 13%. That may not seem like a big percentage but out of a mere 20,000, that is notably high. Throughout this article, we will discuss how to get the help you need if you or someone you know is experiencing financial strain.

  • If you are unemployed one great thing you could do to get some help is to research, “Covid financial assistance” with your location services turned on. It’s very important to have your location on as this is a way to find local, state, and federal programs to help you. Also, be sure to apply for government assistance anytime that Covid leaves you without work, and be vigilant with the documentation required. You can apply for government assistance if you get Covid, your place of work is shut down or if you feel unsafe in your working environment due to the spread of the virus.
  • Next, you should take a look at your expenses. Start cutting out the small things that are not necessary like any subscriptions you no longer need. These small expenses add up even if they seem small at the time. Assess how you can budget your money and shop smarter. Whether it is shopping at a discounted store, sharing resources with friends or coupon clipping – little savings boost your daily wealth tremendously.
  • If you are really struggling it may be best you look into moving in with someone like a family member or getting a roommate. Property and home expenses are usually the highest monthly expense and both of these options are a great idea to be able to save money. If you live in a two-car household you might also want to try to get rid of one of the cars. Cars are the second most expensive item in a budget. Cars can be gas guzzlers or have mechanical problems and upkeep that can cost a pretty penny. Having one vehicle can cut out the expense of maintaining and fueling two.

Some of these suggested adjustments may seem extreme but this discomfort may be a solution in these times of uncertainty. In an ideal world no one should struggle to buy groceries or to have their basic needs met and if you need them, you should take advantage of programs and resources to help you when you are struggling. These resources and money saving hacks are here for you in times of strife. When planning to tighten your budget keep in mind the importance of building your daily savings and increasing your income. Through consistency and the utilization of the tools in this article, you can increase your savings and monitor your spending for further financial success.