Protecting your credit score

Being a victim of identity theft is so easy. You may not even realize you are a victim of this crime until it is too late and your credit score has been impacted. There are two ways to protect yourself from identity theft and protect the credit score that you’ve been working on building.

Check your credit score often. Many people don’t know that they have been a victim of identity theft until they check their credit score and it has plummeted. When you check your credit score often you will see if any suspicious charges have been put on your accounts, a new account has been opened, or a card that you no longer use is now active. It’s important to report any suspicious changes to your report as soon as you can. If you wait to report then you’ll have to go through more headaches. The sooner you catch an issue the faster it will get resolved.

Look for discrepancies to help you fix your score. Report anything that looks like something you did not do. If your credit score has been impacted by something you did not do then you may not be able to do certain things when it comes to borrowing money. Work with your bank to fix these errors. Your credit score will be fixed as well.