Online credit tools

Financial technology has given us so many ways to do traditional banking on our phones. We can protect and monitor our credit score through our phones and online as well. There are two types of tools that you should have on your mobile device – a way to check your score and an identity theft program.

You can check your credit score on your phone in seconds with no penalty. Traditionally, to get an accurate score on your credit, you had to pull your credit score which can slightly lower your score. Now there are online tools that can provide you with your credit score. Apps that check your credit score also give you insight into how your score is doing and which areas of credit are hurting you the most. There are educational portions to these apps that will help you increase your score if you do your research.

Another thing that you can do online is to set up an identity theft program to monitor your information. These online identity theft programs alert you if there is any activity that seems unusual. The program will also take the steps to recover your identity which gives you peace of mind that the right steps are happening. They also typically provide reimbursement for any expenses and lost funds while trying to recover your identity.